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Portfolio Managment

Proxima manages its clients’ portfolios through their choice of bank or broker. This way, clients benefit from Proxima’s professional services while keeping their banking activity in the bank that they are familiar with. Proxima’s clients have the following advantages:

• Personal accommodation – investment portfolio is personally adapted to each client’s needs and nature, while taking into account real-time market conditions.

• Design of asset allocation - guided by market considerations, economic and technical analyses adjusted to each client’s needs and assets.

• 24 hour availability – Proxima professionals are accessible to their clients at any time to offer solutions for investment-related issues.

• Access to analytical materials – professional decisions are based on in-depth analyses and access to highly professional analytical materials from a wide range of sources in Israel and abroad.

• Objectivity – Proxima operates as an independent manager and is not affiliated to any third entity, so its decisions are always taken with only the client’s benefit in mind.

• Exposure to foreign products – exposure to a wide diversity of foreign financial tools and products in investment-related areas.

• Continuous reporting and updates – ongoing follow up and supervision of the client’s account and continuous updates with all the details and affairs relevant to the investments
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