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Cryptocurrency - Virtual Currency

Encrypto – Blockchain Asset Management

Encrypto crypto asset management is an extension of Proxima Ventures. We combine together years of experience in financial wealth and asset management Encrypto is solely focused on crypto markets, we have a dedicated team and backbone support.

We bring a combination of experienced crypto traders with traditional capital management practices to maximize and leverage our trading performance and investing to achieve high returns as it has been doing with the founder's capital.

We hold a proven trading record in crypto currency as well as hands on the forefront of the market, expeirmce and connected to the dynamic market forcies. Together we will scale the operations and build a service for investors. We provide the entire legal framework and structure to support such operations 

Can blockchain assets be a part of your portfolio?

Due to the high volatility, we suggest to only invest in a small portion of a given portfolio in blockchain assets. Furthermore, this asset class is only suitable for investors with an increased risk appetite and risk-taking ability.

Bitcoin, one of the earliest crypto currencies born out of the blockchain technology and the largest in terms of market capitalisation, has attracted much media attention. The price of Bitcoin has risen from around 1'000 US dollars at the end of last year to currently 15'000 US dollars. In general, investments in blockchain assets have recently provided very attractive returns, but have at the same time been extremely volatile.

With heavy uncertainty and associated volatility on one hand and strong gains on the other hand, does bitcoin (or any other blockchain asset) belong in the average investor’s portfolio? First of all we would like to emphasise that blockchain assets are a relatively new asset class and for this reason the available data is relatively limited. In our analysis we use data going back to 2012. Distributions of daily returns of blockchain assets differ significantly and blockchain assets are only weakly correlated among one another and to other traditional asset classes. The same applies for 7) How can blockchain assets be a part of your portfolio? D


What do we do?

We buy and sell bitcoin



We store via affiliates

We build crypto portfolios



We locate early stage companies and invest personally or via out partners

Added value

What do you receive?

Easy and simple way to invest in a blockchain asset

Invest your wealth from crypto assets with a professional partner

Adding diversification to your portfolio

We make trades for you in adherence with best execution principals

Easy and safe method to invest in bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrency buy, custody, sell and report of the mentioned blockchain assets.

Our solutions allow you diversify your portfolio and our blockchain asset management specialists will add our expertise to your needs and requirements. 

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