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Proxima offers trading and execution services to clients who trade in their own account. Active traders who trade trough Proxima can benefit from the best trading conditions in Israel. 
Proxima has agreements with several banks and brokers that enables it to offer its clients leading-edge infrastructure and superior trading platform that greatly facilitate their trading activity in the capital markets in Israel and the USA. Such tools would allow the active trader to operate in the most efficient and profitable way. 
The Company’s active traders also benefit from competitive commissions adjusted according to the volume and nature of their activities and from the support of a highly professional and attentive team. 


Low cost

 •  No account management charges – no management fees, no security maintenance fees, no line fees and no non-execution fees. The only commission charged is due to buy/sell orders that were actually executed. A client holding an idle account would not be charged with any commissions. 
•  Competitive commissions – active trader can enjoy trading commissions amongst the lowest offered in the market. 
•  Credit line – traders will obtain, at no charge, a credit line that will enable them to leverage their activities. 


Trading at the Company’s Facility 

 •  Working station - an active daily trader may operate through a personal working station equipped with two computers connected to a live information system through fast internet connection. Trading rooms are equipped with TV screens that allow connecting to the Blumberg channel for receiving the most updated news and economic information that could facilitate investment decisions. 
•  FMR system – one of the computers installed at the working stations is equipped with FMR software that enables real-time trading in all securities and derivatives traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. 
•  Capital Access system – this trading system allows the trader to operate in the US stock exchanges in real-time, trading equities and options including Level 2 data. 
•  Professional support team – traders can benefit from the support of a professional team stationed at the trading room. The support team provides guidance and may operate the various systems so that traders may continue being active even when out of office.
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