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Proxima Ventures

"A vision without an action is merely a dream"

Proxima Ventures invests primarily in early-stage companies (selectively in seed) and offers venture assistance, strategic advice and capital to entrepreneurs from the very early stages. We help entrepreneurs to extend the potential of their ideas and build their company from the ground up.

We invest in companies in the area of Biotech, Information technology and internet.
From Tel Aviv to the Silicon Valley we work as a team to leverage our hands-on experience. We have an access to an extensive network of resources and we have close ties with leading technology companies and investors in the U.S.
פרוקסימה ניהול השקעות בע"מ | רחוב מונטיפיורי 35 תל אביב 65201 | טלפון: 03-5251544 | פקס: 03-5251546
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