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soluto is an early stage startup that developing unique and SolutoLoginnovative software tool for the personal computer market. Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, the company is currently in stealth mode and plans to release its initial product in early 2009. 
Soluto was founded in November 2007 by Tomer Dvir, the company’s CEO, and Ishay Green, Soluto CTO and Chief Architect. Nadav Zohar, a former senior executive at Morgan Stanley, is serving as Soluto Chairman. Soluto has raised $2.3 million in first financing round led by Giza Venture Capital and Proxima Investments. 



Onigma, Ltd. is an information security solution provider. Its security platform solution eliminates the danger of information being exposed, sent out, printed, copied, or transmitted in an unauthorized fashion. Onigma has a subsidiary in New-York. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. As of October 16, 2006, Onigma, Ltd. is a subsidiary of McAfee, Inc. 



CollarityLogo Collarity

Collarity was developed for web media publishers who need an automated way to deliver advertising and content to audience segments based on measured, anonymous site behavior. Collarity’s Integrated Audience Engagement platform is an interaction optimization solution that enables the matching of online visitor needs with the best content and ads the publisher can provide. This ultimately delivers a more relevant site experience for each user and produces the highest return on media assets.

The company's on-demand suite of segment-driven content monetization applications serves leading web publishers, including Fox, Next New Networks and Crain's Chicago Business.

Collarity was founded in 2005 by Emil Ismalon, Levy Cohen, and a group of search, data management, cognitive science, and online advertising veterans. Collarity is located in Palo Alto, California.


DermaStreamLogo EnzySurge

EnzySurge Ltd. is a developer and provider of innovative solutions for the treatment and management of chronic wounds. The company was founded in 2001 by Professor Amihay Freeman of the University of Tel Aviv.

EnzySurge's flagship DermaStream® platform, based on the proprietary Continuous Streaming Therapy (CST™) technology, offers a new and unique wound treatment modality by continuously streaming a fresh supply of advanced bio-active therapeutic solutions to a controlled wound environment.

DermaStream® is designed to deliver effective, affordable and easy-to-use wound treatment throughout all phases of chronic wound treatment cycle from debridement, through regeneration to wound closure. DermaStream™ was designed for use in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and for home care.

EnzySurge is committed to the development and delivery of innovative solutions that improve the quality of life of chronic-wound patients by shortening healing time, preventing hospitalization and reducing treatment costs.


GlycoMindsLogo Glycominds

Glycominds Ltd. holds extensive knowledge and experience in the field of glycomics, utilized for the discovery and development of unique glycan biomarkers which enable high-value medical diagnostics. Glycominds is developing and commercializing a new class of novel blood tests which allow physicians to detect cancer earlier, predict autoimmune disease progression and decide on therapy regimen.


SundaySky Sundaysky

SundaySky is the provider of a groundbreaking video solution which enables publishers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively infuse their website with video clips.

The SundaySky DynamicVideo™ platform extracts the content from any website and molds it into high-quality professional video clips. The clips are automatically generated on the fly,and remaincurrent with the ever changing content of the website.

SundaySky was founded in 2006 by Shmulik Weller and Yaniv Axen with the vision to mass-enable websites with always up-to-date, personalized video content. Our team is a unique blend of pace-setting technology experts with special skills in video processing algorithms, and a talented creative team with in-depth know-how and experience in the production of rich media content.



Bradley & Luka Ltd

Bradley&luka has developed unique and first of its kind monitor that will allow breastfeeding mothers to gauge the amount of milk the baby intakes in real time,while the mother is breastfeeding.
The product will bring significant change,by providing accurate data,for the growing number of nursing mothers world wide.



ASA is a technology provider specializing in the development of fingerprintlogo recognition, authentication and verification technology
. On December 19th 2007
, IDEX released the SmartFinger® IX 10-4 swipe sensor for production and is in position to distribute new Evaluation Kits for customers.


Buzzdoes is a word-of-mouth marketing tool that helps app developers penetrate the crowded market and increase exposure easily and effectively. Reward-based viral distribution encourages your users to recommend your apps.
Buzzdoes is a profitable, risk-free marketing model that can be used on its own or as part of a marketing mix. The developer is billed only upon a user download that results from a buzzdoes user recommendation, no strings attached!


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