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Proxima Investments Specializes in the management of investment portfolios for a variety of clients in Israel and abroad.
The Company manages portfolios of high net worth individuals and business clients.

Proxima's objective is to maximize its customers' returns through a basket of services and financial products, and to provide them with information and continuous professional support to help them achieve high returns on their investments. 
The relative advantage of Proxima lies in the high level of proficiency of its managers and employees; every one of them is highly experienced, very professional and totally reliable. Proxima applies the most advanced tools and technologies for managing its investment portfolios.
Proxima puts an emphasis on providing top quality services by continuous accessibility and by maintaining sedulous contact with its customers. Proxima was founded in 2003 and it has an Investment Portfolio Management license from the Israel Securities Authority (ISA). 
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Chaim Venezia – Founder and Co-executive Manager, responsible for the investments management of the Company. Chaim has over 15 years of experience in managing investment portfolios in Israel and abroad. He has vast experience in venture capital and investment banking, and has participated in number of investment rounds for start up companies. Before Proxima, Chaim Managed the Consulting Department of Investec Bank in Israel. Prior to that he founded the Private Banking Center at Israel Discount Bank and served as a Chief trader at the brokerage firm of Moritz & Tuchler. Chaim holds MBA in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University and a BA with honors (Cum Laude( in Financing from California State University in Long Beach. Chaim writes a monthly column published in “Globes Online” and in additional financial websites, offering a market review and recommendations for portfolio investment asset allocation. 
Uri Ra'anan – Founder and Co-executive Manager, in charge of the brokerage activity of the Company. Uri has vast experience in trading and managing since 1993. He is an expert trader in the Tel Aviv and the U.S. stock exchanges. Uri’s first steps in the capital markets were at the brokerage firm of Moritz & Tuchler, where he held the position of the Senior Investment Manager of the company. He managed the Moritz Global trust fund and pension funds for Tfahot Bank and for the insurance agency of “Simon and Visel”. After that, Uri managed the trading activities at “Yashir Investment House” and was responsible for the independent customers’ trading of that company.
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